Milk Chocolate with Broken Cashew

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Experience the harmonious blend of rich Milk Chocolate, creamy Latte Filling, and delightful Broken Cashew in every bite. Each piece weighs 16g and is elegantly cello wrapped, ensuring a fresh and luxurious chocolate indulgence.

Key Features:

Smooth Milk Chocolate: Our milk chocolate is expertly crafted to offer a silky and indulgent experience, creating a perfect canvas for the exquisite flavors that await.
Creamy Latte Filling: The creamy latte filling adds a touch of sophistication and a hint of coffee flavor, enhancing the overall taste profile of the chocolate.
Crunchy Broken Cashew: The inclusion of broken cashew provides a delightful crunch and a nutty undertone, elevating the texture and complementing the creamy filling.
Product Details:

Elegant Cello Wrapping: Each chocolate is thoughtfully cello wrapped, preserving its freshness and ensuring that every bite is as delightful as the first.
Convenient Size: With a weight of 16g per piece, these chocolates offer a perfect portion for a quick indulgence or sharing with friends and loved ones.
Immerse yourself in the irresistible blend of flavors with our Milk Chocolate filled with Latte Filling and Broken Cashew. The combination of smooth chocolate, creamy filling, and crunchy cashew creates a symphony of textures and tastes that will awaken your senses. Whether enjoyed as a personal treat or shared with others, these cello-wrapped chocolates promise to deliver moments of pure indulgence and satisfaction. Order our Milk Chocolate with Latte Filling and Broken Cashew today and savor the rich and delightful experience it brings.

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